With Strategy

Cultivating Success

Our start-up experience in the complex healthcare arena coupled with a working industry knowledge of oil and gas, transportation, construction, and manufacturing has prepared us for ventures in virtually any business sector. Identifying potential in a specific market, structuring ventures with appropriate capital and strategic partners, then meticulously vetting and carefully selecting the right leadership team are skills we’ve refined through many successful ventures. This is the process by which we cultivate success.

Planning For Growth

Established and Seasoned

Every decision we make is guided by our collective financial and operational experience across multiple industries.

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Performance Drivers

We drive companies to peak performance through calculated financial and operational engineering. 

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Investing in People

Our experience has taught us the most profitable ROI is in the people who lead our team and shepherd our people.

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Knowing What Matters

We value faith, family, and relationships. We are equally as focused on our personal goals as we are our professional ones, and in a constant pursuit of a work/life balance. However important, we do not believe that success is exclusively defined by financial or operational performance. We seek to provide our partners and employees with every opportunity to fill their lives with the things that matter most to them; we encourage them to pursue faith, family, and relationships, the final component in our definition of success.

Meet the Team

A Proven Strategy

Forming and growing businesses is best done by minimizing risks through the right combination of experience, capital, strategic relationships, and leadership. Over many years and several joint ventures, we’ve developed a proven process that maximizes cash flow and mitigates uncertainties. It cultivates opportunity for our partners and our employees, both personally and professionally.