About Us

Where We Came From

We first formed as a group of ambitious stakeholders in 2002, and began investing in health care facilities. Over the next several years, we learned several key insights into the healthcare industry that would prove to be foundational to our philosophy and strategy. Noticing the consolidation of the healthcare markets had opened doors for joint ventures, we decided strategic partnerships were the key to success.

After seeing success in these ventures, we formally established ourselves as Image Strategic Partners in 2009. During this time, we not only worked to build a solvent business poised for growth, we also spent considerable time developing a set of values and mission statement that focuses on our commitment to faith and family.

Where We Are Now

Today, we maintain our commitment to these two priorities, and continue to use a partnership-focused business strategy. Instead of buying our way to success, or building businesses focused on exit strategies, we form partnerships with similar sized health care facilities. By investing in both post-acute care and ancillary services, we can offer a diverse portfolio of assets and subject matter expertise.

Where We’re Going

With two thriving joint ventures and several other successful investments in the health care sector, we are primed for more growth in the health care industry and other sectors. Whether it’s manufacturing, technology, transportation, or health care, we are able to offer startup capital, strategic management and leadership, and back office support such as accounting.

Our goal is to partner with others who want to see God glorified through the hard work and diligence it takes to implement a joint venture. As we continue to grow and expand our portfolio with new industries and new partners, we will continue to let our faith guide our decisions and priorities.