Investing in People

We believe our success is closely knit to the empowerment of the employees who lead our joint ventures. Our leadership training method draws from the shepherding concept, which focuses on intentional personal development guided by our management team. Being intentional about personal growth and development with our leadership team ensures our ventures are staffed by the best talent available and creates a work environment for our employees that is equally challenging and encouraging.

This development model is in line with our overall mission, values, and attitudinal expectations. The six values we strive to instill throughout all our ventures are: integrity, unity, respect, goodness, accountability, and stewardship. We firmly believe living out these values has been a key factor in developing our track record of excellence.

All these efforts are directly coordinated by our tenured executive and administrative team. Having the good fortune of experiencing the benefits of shepherding leadership, we are blessed to give back and continue to invest in the lives our employees. 


We are always looking for talented hard-working individuals who share our values and seek to grow our company. Please submit your information below for consideration.  ​

Image Stragetic Partners is an equal employment opportunity employer committed to non-discriminatory employment practices and patient services.