Robust Financial Experience 

Image Strategic Partners was formed by a group of financial experts formally holding titles that include: CFO, CAO, controller, treasury director, and other prominent positions. We combine our personal financial experience with a well-rounded network of specialized attorneys and industry consultants to deliver a complete business operation solution. Currently two of our partners are licensed CPA’s with robust public accounting practice experience.  

Industry Knowledge

The team members at Image Strategic Partners bring a diversified knowledge base that spans a wide range of industries. Together, we have financial and operational industry knowledge in healthcare, oil and gas, transportation, construction, and manufacturing. This breadth of knowledge allows us to bring value to joint ventures in a variety of industries.

Multiple Joint Ventures

As we invest in the future, we are confident the knowledge gained through our past joint ventures will guide and continually improve our decision making. We have engaged in strategic partnerships at multiple stages including; start-up ventures, turn-around consulting for struggling companies, and strategic consulting for operational and financial improvement. 

Regulatory Compliance

With extensive experience in healthcare and other regulation-heavy industries, we are no stranger to thriving under the burdens of regulatory compliance. Our processes and strategies were developed to account for such challenges and we are accustomed to adapting to the changing tides of regulatory reform. 

Responsibly Capitalized

Part of the foundation of a successful venture is responsible capitalization.  Through strategic planning, we are committed to infuse our joint ventures with equity funding.  We are willing and able to invest along with our partners forming a strong foundation for success.  Each partnership is unique and these cash infusions are evaluated on a case by case basis. 

Image Strategic Partners is not a CPA firm and do not provide public accounting services.